Is your premise equipped with fire safety equipment like Sprinklers, Hydrants, Fire Alarms?

When was the last time you checked Health of your system? 

We at FireTweet make the world a safer place to live by ensuring that the installed Fire Protection Assets are in good health and in working condition for the unthinkable.


Most of the states in India have Fire Prevention & Life and Safety Measure Act. As per the act, fire prevention systems are to be inspected and certified in form “B” by a licensed agency. In reality about 80% of the buildings have non-functional Fire Prevention Systems. There is no efficient mechanism available to ensure that systems are in working condition.


FireTweet is the perfect solution for this. An E-governance system to monitor real time health of your fire protection assets.  Most of the times your Fire Protection assets not ready for unprecedented times. FireTweet uses state of the art IoT based technology to keep you and your people safe from financial and fatal loss due to fire accidents.


Banks, Retail spaces, Hospitality sector, Manufacturing industries, Offices Or where ever you have Fire Safety assets


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